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I’m a front-end developer from Copenhagen, Denmark.

Hi, I'm David. I’ve been toying with webpages since I was 11, which is about 8 years now (2007), and the excitement I got back then is the same I have now. I enjoy good, minimalistic interaction design to a degree where some may call me a fanatic, but if not for designers and developers, we'd still have text-only websites written in Mono Sans. Brrr...

I’m a recent graduate, who are currently working freelance with websites projects in Wordpress, Node.js and AngularJS, and I'm planning to eventually study something involving software development.

Things I really liked doing are playing guitar, rollerskating and making/watching films, albeit I haven't been doing any of them for a particularly long time. My guilty pleasure is playing video games, preferably with a lot of friends.


The web is constantly evolving, and so are developers tools, but you have to choose something eventually.
Below are the tools I most commonly use. Hover/click on them for a little info!

And if technical mumbo jumbo isn't for you, check out what real people have to say about my skills:


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